Restructuring and restoration with the tecniques of the ancient traditions

About us

Athaena LaboratorioAn important part of the companies activities take place in the four workshops present on the premises which allow not only for the restauration of old models but also the realization of their new processing, keeping in mind the nature of the raw materials.
The works are numerous: wooden and stone structures in addition to the processing and forging of cast iron.
Additionaly the company caracterizes itself for its choice of operations which are based as much as possibile on the recovery and use of constructive traditions, above all much attention is paid to the choice of recovered materials from all over Europe (quarry stone, marble, natural resins, recovered wood, etc.)
Furthermore, we’ve created an experimental kiln for the cooking of limestone and marl which are used not only for private use on-site but also for study and comparative purposes for Restorers, Architects, Surveyors and Field Technicians from all over the world.
Therefore, the growth of the company has been directed towards development of a work group which is able to respond in the most complete way to all of the many problems posed by historic buildings:
from structural operations to internal finishings to the conservation and restauration of plasterwork, frescoes, stone vestments, wooden objects, metals and all those natural materials which they have lets us conserve up until now.
Seminars and courses are also held on-site and organized in collaboration with various bodies on such matters as materials and traditional techniques.

lime *only to individuals tranined in the use of this material
natuarl soils
natural resins
naimal-based glues
natural oils and waxes

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